Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Merging Into the World's Body

the first feeling as I cast myself into the world's body
is: panic and pandemonium
then: the children are scared and whimpering
then: quiet mumbling by powerful men making plans
then: the women are comparing notes
then: the dogs are barking because they are alone
then: the winds are blowing madly and leaves are falling in the spring
then: birds are chirping because they are glad for the sun
and as I go farther, I feel the earth about to give birth
the cramping is beginning, the discomfort grows
and: she is happy!
and: the angels are here, very close!
and even so: horses are ripping grass to the left, then the right
under that noise is:
green and under the green is:
water at peace and:
air molecules swarming
and inside that movement is: raw excitement
then: I feel the pleasure of being alive
then: the exquisite pleasure of being
and through it all:
a private amusement
we are in chaos
and we are unable to escape the gravity-pull of gratitude
it's what makes us smile
the origin experience: of tiny smiles turning to full foolhardy grins
and: falling farther in I feel the wide-waking sleep
the coming birth has the power to expel particles like us
with a force we cannot fathom
far from the nest: into new home places
the feel of new homes we cannot anticipate
and: now I am stunned
with this experience of welcome
and can go no further tonight

copyright by Penney Peirce