Monday, July 30, 2007

Saturn and Pluto: Are You Part of the Purification?
I received an astrological notice recently from my client and colleague Judy Goldberg, who is a vocational astrologer in Baltimore. I often forget to check the stars, and when I do, the goings-on of the planetary transits usually explain some strange emotional tensions or energetic conditions I've been experiencing. This time, Judy drew my attention to the fact that Saturn, the planet of focus, concentration, responsibility, and karma, is leaving the sign of Leo (my sun and rising sign), about to move into Virgo. Judy says this has been especially challenging for "the millions in the Pluto in Leo generation (born between 1938 and 1956). Before it moves into Virgo on Sept 2, Saturn will have conjoined the natal Pluto of everyone in this generation. Because Pluto is the planet of death, as well as rebirth and of power, we who share this placement have been made aware of our relationship to our own power — where we hold it, how we give it away. Many of us have experienced an ego death or the death of a loved one — particularly a child or a parent. Some have had breakthrough changes in life for the better and some are still in the soup."

In an article Judy wrote, she recounts a few things her clients reported during this time:

  • The past 5 years have been the most painful and stressful in my life, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It seems I was meant to be alone and separated from all things that were familiar, as if I was supposed to leave behind my past life and anyone who had been part of it.
  • I am fighting the ego to let go of old behaviors which no longer serve me. I am learning I must let go of the outcome.
  • I'm back in therapy working on old fears & past wrongs that I thought were long gone.
  • I feel change is on the horizon and urging me to engage with new people and places. I have a feeling that I just need to release all that I have known and it will come forward. ...that is the difficult part.
  • I am discovering that when I move with the universe instead of against it life is much easier.
I must agree that the past few years have been a kind of honing of the samurai sword for so many. I see it in my friends, clients, and in myself. It's easy to think of difficult periods as negative, but I honestly think everything evolves us and moves us into greater light. I can see that the many frustrating experiences I've been subjected to have irritated me so much that some of my more ugly defensive parts have surfaced and I've had a chance to examine and heal them. Some of the deep collective beliefs in human suffering have also surfaced, and these are not so easy to see and clear away.

Saturn now begins to move through the Pluto in Virgo folks' lives (born between 1956 and 1972), so the roto-rootering process continues, with new inner shadow issues to be focused on. Saturn brings "lack" to whatever it touches, as well as "binding force." Saturn narrows while Pluto concentrates. Saturn gives form and focus, while Pluto purifies the core of our being. Certainly one of the new hot issues will be taking responsibility for how you communicate, and what you communicate. We should see the liars in Washington, DC, brought to account. Can't wait!