Monday, May 7, 2007

Mysticism and Realism
One of the hardest balances to achieve is to maintain equal experiences in myself of my direct connection with the divine — my mystical rapport — and my immersion in and engagement with three-dimensional life and all the constructs we agree on societally to get along with each other and be "successful." It seems I bounce back and forth and never seem to have enough of each. I know the trick is to blend them and make it all one. A little trickier than it sounds! I once again have found a nice comment by Frederick Franck in The Book of Angelus Silesius:

"Just as there never was a group of painters who called themselves "Impressionists" (the word was coined by a critic as an epithet) there was never a "mystic" who considered himself anything but a realist. He had seen Reality with his own eyes, had been in living contact with it. Suddenly the merciless "realism" of politicians, the know-how without wisdom of practical men, seemed wildly unrealistic, a dangerous conceit. He had seen how it constantly made for false appraisal of situations, and hence habitually missed its targets, causing frustration, suffering, and catastrophe. Against this disastrously naive realism the mystic proclaimed the mature realism of the awakened heart which is both Wisdom and Compassion."

And from an early 20th century philosopher, Andrew Pringle-Pattison, "When religion begins to ossify into a system of formulas and observances, those who protest in the name of heart-religion are not infrequently known by the name of mystics."

Today I vow to sink into the tasks I'm doing and find a deep core of silence and sweetness, and the inspired motive that comes from soul!