Monday, May 14, 2007

Is Your World View Based on Love or Fear?
1. Pay attention to the conversations you have with other people this week. What do you choose to talk about? What do the other people choose to talk about? Which points do you react to? Which ideas do you reinforce during the conversations?

2. Make a list of the themes and core ideas underlying these conversations. How many are love-based? How many fear-based?

3. Rate the following options from 1 (least)-10 (most). Be honest with yourself. How much energy and sense of self do you get from:
  • Complaining and getting sympathy?
  • A crisis or emergency?
  • Being spontaneous?
  • Learning something totally new?
  • Criticizing others?
  • Creating something new from nothing?
  • Being kind and of service to others?
  • Refusing to participate?
  • Being out in nature?