Monday, August 7, 2006

A Strange Sense of Coordinated Flow
I have been in Albuquerque, New Mexico visiting a friend who lives across the street from the vast open space of Sandia Mountain. I've heard the coyotes at night, seen hummingbirds darting everywhere, and the unseasonal thunderstorms produced the most dramatic charcoal gray clouds and brilliant double rainbows I've ever seen. What a gift to be plunked there! I did an evening reading on future trends and met interesting new people. While driving with my friend looking at houses, we had a close call where a motorcyclist tried to pass us on a curve as we were pulling off the road to the left to take a picture. We missed him by a hair and he was seriously angry. She got out and expressed true concern for him, and though he was severely shaken, he calmed down quickly and all was resolved. I have the sense that everything is being coordinated at a higher level, that I am sliding along a waterslide, mind not involved with perception of meaning and purpose, but more importantly, my consciousness is showing me that what could have been uncomfortable or destructive can turn out miraculously well.