Monday, August 21, 2006

The Courageous Innovators
I'm headed home from New Mexico, having been inspired by people who are taking chances to be innovative. Some have quit prestigious jobs to start new businesses, like Colleen who is a Harvard MBA and management consultant to manufacturing businesses, who is founding a company to manufacture healthy building blocks for "green" walls, made from recycled wood chips and concrete. Like Alan, who works for the state but on his own time composes amazing, upbeat, contagious songs for children and sells the CDs quite nicely online. Like Christa, who is popularizing the benefits of drinking hydrosols, the watery byproducts of distilling essential oils (I tried them and they are stunning!). I visited Mesa Verde and the Anasazi cliff dwellings, and here's another example of incredible innovation and fortitude. What is next for me? How can I be proud of myself, live on my own innovative edge, and combine old with new to reinvent myself? I feel this urge to sprout new sprigs, to be current, to be even more contributory in a way that adds more sanity to the world—AND, that is fun!