Monday, April 17, 2006

Making It Easy for My Guidance to Get Through
This past week was one of the most intense and contracted I've experienced in quite some time. The slingshot was pulled back to its farthest stretching point where my consciousness felt the most separate from the divine. The heavy wet blanket on me was making my muscles ache and my mind numb. Then a friend reminded me that we need to find a form for contacting our inner guidance that is easy and reliable, and we need to practice making this nurturing connection every day, to have a dynamic interrelationship with spirit. Duh! So, I sat down and these words came to me: I call on my sacred community, existing at every level and every number frequency, coming to me quietly through resonance from the galactic center, to the crystal heart of my council, to the earth heart, to my brainheart, to my cells' hearts. You are present in the one moment; whenever I call you to connect, you call me to connect. We are immediately joined and present with one another. "I am in you and you are in me." (Feel it.) "In the silence there is no distortion. I call you and you call me. We are now alert to 'the Need.' What do I want You to know? What do You want Me to know?"

And then I started to do some direct writing, and the insights came pouring through. Simple things like: I want You to know that I am confused as I make this transition. I am happy to be moving on and I am also mourning. Why could I be sad? You are not really sad, it is a particular movement of your mind where as your soul moves you on, the ego thinks it must negate everything that has occurred, everything you have been interested in, so as not to be accused of being WRONG. It confuses new growth with "right" and what has paved the way with "error." You confuse this riptide feeling with sad swooning. Calm yourself and love everything for its role in creating your existence. At times I feel very alone. We are here, just ask and feel. Unless you like feeling alone, or sad. We can wait. (Wink wink.)