Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Seizures and Frequency

I was contacted recently by a woman whose son had just experienced a seizure, quite unexpectedly, at work. She said, "I know he has been under a lot of stress in all areas of his life—health, relationships, his job is ending soon and he has to move. That may be the cause but I was wondering if you had any insight about seizures and frequency?"

Here's what I came up with; perhaps it may be food for thought for others. . .

It's an interesting question. As I put my attention on it, I get that seizures are often the body trying to adjust itself to a higher frequency or a smoother flow of energy through certain pathways that may need to be opened for the evolution to proceed. Like part of a recircuiting process. If there are blockages, which could be various beliefs, habits of awareness, electrochemical imbalances due to locked in emotional habits, or possibly even too much buildup of "artificial" energies like efts, static of some sort. . .then I sense that the body tries to shudder to throw that off, to shift the pattern, to break old patterns, much like an energetic chiropractic adjustment.

I think being in nature can be a big help to neutralize too much artificial stimulation. Fasting to some degree might also help the system simplify for a little while. Perhaps things like acupuncture, tai chi, smooth and rhythmic movement of any sort (swimming) especially that involves diagonal connections of left and right and upper and lower body, as well as music and sound that can, through regular calm rhythms and continuous tones, smooth the perceptual pathways. . .these things may assist in the shifting of the brain and brain-body pathways.