Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Nanosecond of Non-Time

My friend, John Petersen, futurist and director of The Arlington Institute, sent a message that came from Ken Carey, author of The Starseed Transmissions, a book which I resonate with quite strongly, and which matches my visions in many regards (see my previous blog post about preparing to live in the permanent present moment). I'm editing it a bit but you can read more at Ken's new blog. I particularly like Ken's phrase that describes what we are likely to experience as "the shift" occurs: "The Nanosecond of Non-Time." Here's some of what Ken has to say:

"If the modern-day mathematicians who have studied the Calendar are right, the pivotal year will be 2012. Yet 2011 is the year predicted by many, if not all the pre-1985 prophecies, and we have seen enough unusual events so far this year, with still a long way to go until the winter solstice. I still favor The Starseed Transmissions' numerous mentions of the Mayan Calendar year 2011, as well as its accurate prophecies of the political changes that occurred during the 1987-1989 years. Personally, and I say this in all sincerity, I hope the 2012 prophecy is the correct one, I could use the extra time to prepare. But just the very fact of this great earth/sun/human convergence of consciousness is so mind-boggling, its effects so far-reaching, to me, the date of its arrival is of far less importance than the blazing reality of the event itself.

With so much at stake, whether the final collective "nanosecond of non-time" happens this year or next seems inconsequential. What I saw, where I went, what I experienced, what the angels so patiently tried to explain during those days when the Spirit was upon me, I, in turn have tried to convey through my books. I have full faith in what I have written. These events, or variations of them, are going to happen.

It is not as it was before when fear commanded more power than love. A new world has risen about us, though only now do we see it. Those who profit by the encouragement of fear-centered human behavior are growing ever more desperate, and ever more visible. The worst of them stage dramatically publicized tragedies to convince us that our world continues to get worse, and "they" are out there doing their best to save us. But all things pass. Has there ever been an era without an end? The alligators found flash-frozen deep in the arctic ice with undigested tropical vegetation still in their stomachs supports a premise of the Mayan Calendar: Not all ages end gradually. Were I to guess (and this is just a guess), indications suggest that the removal of fear's historical dominance of human minds will likely take several years, with the year 2011 their midpoint. The worst of the tribulation will begin immediately after the day punctuated by a nanosecond of non-time.

Today it is no longer about individual human accomplishment, incarnation, or enlightenment. It is about the singularity of human consciousness awakening (in all who can handle it). It is about the Great Tree of Life at the core of our humanity experiencing itself as a single unity, with our individual creativity fear-free to open into becoming its consciously interwoven leaves and blossoms. At times we will be with those in the collective core at the very singularity of consciousness itself. At other times we will be those same true selves inhabiting sensuous human bodies.

But it's about so much more than ourselves. We must include the Earth, and Sun. When their respective centers of consciousness come into perfect alignment with each other, they will immediately have the ability to convey their Emerging Evolutionary Visions to a totally awakened and participating human family. For we, too, will be one with them, sharing the same consciousness and eager to co-create whatsoever we choose from the vast menu of possibilities available to our New Entity.

Earth, Sun, and Humankind will each guide, regulate, and create within their respective spheres, but like a Tri-Circle Logo, each of our creative domains will increasingly overlap as they approach the center. Here we share a common form of communication, a common excitement for joint creations, and a common sense of self. Here our more rapidly evolving human minds and bodies will reside both in and as this much larger physical organism, a body designed for habitation by the Creative Spirit at the Source of Life.

As far as we know, this shared central area will be the first true Biological Organism, born with a precisely equal balance of Energy and Matter. Earth and Sun. Time and Eternity. With human architectural, aesthetic, and engineering input, and our rapidly evolving human tools of pinpoint specificity, Galactic, Solar, Terrestrial, and Human Consciousness will be able to launch a very different form of art. This will be the most fun we've ever had, artists all, creating Beauty through Love as never before, with Biology now included amongst our poetry, paints and songs.

Now, since I have been immersed in 2011, I have become aware of many details hidden back when I was writing about this year a quarter-century ago. Here is what I saw then. From 1978: The Starseed Transmissions. . .

. . .functioning primarily on the frequencies of Love, the coming interval of non-time will literally expand into eternity. These individuals will be able to experience a lifetime, or many lifetimes, in that eternity while still retaining the option to return to their physical projections as transformed representatives of the Being of Life on Earth. These will be our coworkers during the period of Planetary Awakening. Others, not so finely tuned to the forces that will be released at that time, will feel great surges of purifying energy, lasting for an indeterminate period. Some few will experience an intense fear, and many will die. Everything in physical form at this time, every soul in every kingdom, will feel something, something incredible, something that according to all the laws of physics ever known or to ever be discovered, could never happen. But there it will be before all senses, an impossible fact, like the babe in a manger, like the unmistakable feeling in your heart, an incredible vibration, shimmering, scintillating, awakening every nerve, every capillary, every cell of your planetary body. The duration of this interval will be subjectively experienced.

When I wrote the above line, "The duration of this interval will be subjectively experienced," I interpreted it to mean that because everyone is unique and utterly individual, each one's encounter with the interval of non-time would naturally reflect that, and be wholly subjective. Today, I understand that as my fingers flew across the keyboard back in the 1970s, they missed two words. That sentence would have better read: The duration and timing of this interval will be subjectively experienced.

What a wonderful revelation! The implications tilt the entire field in our favor. The Creator would know that if our entire species were to simultaneously experience the interval of non-time, even the most trusting and stout of heart would become disoriented, distracted, and perhaps even disabled by the fear they felt from those around them. Suddenly, everything clicked and fell into place. If human birth takes hours in relation to the seven-or-eight-decade span of a human life, it might be presumptuous to assume that a Starchild would be born on a single day. . . .So instead of a tempered cataclysm, among most of us the interval of non-time will fall as a gentle, almost imperceptible rain, each drop bringing the transformational zero to each individual in their own time, at the moment when their chances of standing upright in the Light are optimal. . . .

In addition to, "No man knows the minute or the hour or the day," when a significantly potent pulse of non-time enters a segment of linear time, it is difficult to predict when the chaos will lift. Non-time is not the only variable here. . . .

No, end would not have been the right word to use back then for the cessation of wild and unpredictable planetary phenomena of this magnitude; for the moment of non-time marks the birth, the beginning of an unprecedented change in the existence not only of earth and humankind but in the very nature and consciousness of our sun/star as well. Our star will now have graduated to a higher rank in the galaxy of understanding. Our life force is that of the same Great Star who is now awakening through us. Human behavior, therefore, has ever-growing influence as to how this 2011-2012 period is going to turn out.

With Our Creator's intelligence looking through our eyes, seeing the same world we see, knowing us better than we know ourselves, I think we can trust that God will not force upon us a global change more rapidly than we can bear. Those operating on fearful frequencies, however, do not have that same assurance Nor does a loving God live in their hearts to inspire and guide their behavior during the most turbulent of the times to come."