Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jupiter in Taurus: June 4, 2011-June 11, 2012

I'm paraphrasing much of this from an email I received from Constance Demby. While Jupiter (expansion) is in Taurus (earth), here are some things to focus on:

Creature comforts. The natural and organic has knowledge to transmit. The living library of Earth is a source of wisdom, and can be the inspiration for a sense of the bigger picture. There's much to learn about earth energies, making a living in line with our values, and growing things exponentially in our lives. Resurgence of interest in plant wisdom, nature devas, inter-species communication, Earth ley lines & power spots (vortices).

What feels authentic, enduring, and rich with substance. When you invest creative energy into a true thing, it grows big. This could be a year for big productions that take time. A solid return on your investment. A year to do it right and make it real. Rewards for being thorough, avoiding shortcuts. Finding a steady rhythm of progress. Faith and patience to see it through.

Slow food. Grounded and rooted. Grassroots with a sense of place. Being realistic. Being a solid friend, parent, partner, collaborator.

Exploring sculpture, dance, music, visual arts, architecture, and design. Integrating human life into nature and vice versa. Being inspired by harmony of natural patterns, healing frequencies. Native dances, instinctual rhythms. Admiring craftsmanship, artisan bakers and perfumers, becoming a cottage industry, marketing beauty. Mastering form, or technique, creating a body of work.

Tangible exchange, barter, discerning value. Precious metals, tools, a sunny patch to garden, self-sufficiency. Covering the basics, and building to thrive. Earth-based building materials. Crafts. Making the most of your resources. DIY. Combining wealth in community — commonwealth. Allying to grow a business, a garden, a food collective. Sharing the bounty. Harvest time. Sharing innovative solutions for practical, everyday challenges. Integrating values in business. Local initiatives based on a need. Flourishing together.

Natural law. Visions of restoring Earth as paradise, and Source of life. Dignity of all living things. Instinct to understand profound interconnectedness — the web of life.

Watch the garden revolution take off! More are rediscovering the satisfaction of watching things grow from a tiny seed. The whole of Earth can flourish and be reseeded, restored as a lush, abundant host for life.