Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How Great Entrepreneurs Think

This is a fascinating article, from Inc. Magazine (February 2011) about the differences between entrepreneurial thinking and CEO/Managerial thinking. The author calls the first one "effectual reasoning" and the second "causal reasoning." It's interesting that the entrepreneurial way of approaching things is focused strongly in the present moment, on the feelings of doability, on living visions that become real to the body, and on an enjoyment of surprise and adaptability. These are all traits that promote the flow of soul and intuition.

Here's a quote: "(The author) likes to compare expert entrepreneurs to Iron Chefs: at their best when presented with an assortment of motley ingredients and challenged to whip up whatever dish expediency and imagination suggest. Corporate leaders, by contrast, decide they are going to make Swedish meatballs. They then proceed to shop, measure, mix, and cook Swedish meatballs in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible. That is not to say entrepreneurs don't have goals, only that those goals are broad and—like luggage—may shift during flight."