Sunday, October 24, 2010

Question from a Reader

I have just ordered your book and am excitedly awaiting its arrival. I am an astrologer and wonder if you can assess your frequency from the birth chart. And whether there is a correlation between the planetary energies and frequency.

That's an interesting question, but I don't think there is a way to determine a person's individual frequency from the blueprint of the astrology chart, as we bring our soul force to the chart, fill it up, and evolve through its potentials as we live. I think each planet, and each aspect, has its potential and it is probably unlimited. Like low C, middle C, and high C, there are different realms of interrelated experience, all relating to each planet/aspect. For instance if you use Saturn when you have alot of fear, it will cause you to have to face that karma and work it out, which is evolutionary at that lower frequency level. Many people would tend to create more resistance when this happens, so their vibration would go even further down. If you use Saturn as you're becoming clear of fear, it helps you build and create in the world. As you get clearer, it would help spiritualize the physical plane itself. So I believe  the meanings/functions of the planets, aspects, and numbers evolve as we increase our personal frequency and become more saturated with unity consciousness.

As you say the birth chart shows potential but you can't tell the level of evolution of it's owner.  The planets work at three levels (like you suggested) — unawake, waking and awake. YES, AND MANY SHADES OF GREY IN BETWEEN. Psychologically speaking some planets are more and some less available or conscious to the person. YES,  THE WAY THEY USE THE ARCHETYPAL ENERGIES DEPENDS ON LEVEL OF EVOLUTION. So the totality of the combined energy of the awareness of each planetary function inside a person may I think contribute to a person's current frequency. YES, AND OF COURSE THAT PERSONAL VIBRATION EVOLVES AND EVEN ROCKS IN AND OUT OF HIGH AND LOW VIBRATION DAY TO DAY.

However, I think we are also patterned by the current planetary energies represented by transits. THE TRANSITS ARE LIKE THE ASPECTS, JUST TEMPORARY ASPECTS. Some of these transits will be highly personalised. A personal example would be a strong Pluto transit which aspected my Moon.  So for a period of two years I was strongly Plutonic. So I wondered if this temporarily affected my frequency. SURE! IT PROBABLY EVOLVED YOU TO A HIGHER VIBRATION IF YOU USED IT TO CLEAR FEAR.

Some people can experience a transit, learn from it and evolve. RIGHT! Some will be unchanged and none the wiser. UNTIL THE NEXT BIG ONE!! SO THANK GOODNESS FOR CYCLES, EH?!! NOTHING IS REALLY FIXED.