Tuesday, July 6, 2010

August 1 Baltimore Workshop: JOURNEY INTO TRANSPARENCY!

A Daylong Workgroup 
Dedicated to Clearing the Clogs

with Penney Peirce 

Stay positive without willfulness. 
Clear the last bits of low-vibration residue. 
Tap your imagination for a vision of your destiny.

Sunday Aug 1, 9:30am-4:30pm • $120
Sherwood Farms, Cromwell Valley Park, Towson, MD area

This year, particularly, is very intense energetically—many of us are “frequency-sorting,” deciding who we want to be, who we want as friends and colleagues, and what we want our life to feel like. We’re letting go of old, ineffective habits and toxic people. We’re chafing at realities that feel too limiting. You've probably been working to clear yourself of low vibrations, contractions, and fear—to stabilize your home frequency at a calm, positive, and creative level. Many of us are now hitting "the bottom of the bucket," the last residues of old thinking, habits, and behaviors. Sometimes it's hard to clear these last bits without help from others.

As the clutter of old habits and other people's ideas clears, we naturally feel the true experience of our most-real self. We naturally see what we most want to do, and how everything we've done so far fits together into a bigger picture that makes perfect sense. We are able to easily step into and live our destiny. There is a certain process that empowers this transformational shift, and in this workgroup, we will work with each phase of that process. You will go home with useful techniques you can continue to use on your own, and with an experience of clarity and Self you can measure  future experiences against.

In this content-rich workgroup you’ll learn to:
• keep your vibration high when the world seems so slow, feel your “home frequency,” and free yourself from negative or low vibrations
• identify and release ideas that don't belong to you, outdated vows, survival decisions made by your babymind, and emotional sludge
• use the present moment, the heart, and unified field to dissolve pain
• call on the collective to help you finish clearing yourself
• let go of associations, meanings, and attachments that slow your awareness needlessly 
• recognize the experience of a transparent self
• visit your Imaginal Realm to play with visions of what's possible for you and how quickly you can have it

Register with Pam Sabatiuk, 410/203-2256.