Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gnat in the Bath

a gnat is in the bath with me
I'm just letting the day, and my mind, go
into the water, expanding into deep space,
when it zigzags toward my face,
then lands on my hand.
I remember don Juan told Carlos Castaneda
the gnat was one of the disguises of The Ally
and in the Second Attention it could grow
to Giant proportions, so I am honored
to be chosen.
I wait with it;
it takes off again, spiraling and tracing
a path of spontaneous beauty,
up left straight right down over
each tiny turn sends a pulse
that hits my face
like a code, like Morse code
dot dot dash
its path a message
a symbol
of a direction I may indeed travel
but in a Giant way
in my new now.
Why does it shift?
What currents don't I see?
I want to move this way
and choose my landing spots this way
and have relationships this way
I want to invite Giants to treat me with kindness
because I know the true nature of the

 poem copyright by Penney Peirce, June 15, 2010