Monday, May 3, 2010

Song of the Sun: A New Film

My friend, Norma Tarango, in Santa Fe, just sent me an announcement of a beautiful new film—still in development—about our relationship with the sun and how we may be aided in our spiritual shift by connecting with the frequency of the sun, by having a relationship with it as a wise being. You can watch the trailer and find out more about the speakers—among whom are David Abram, Peter Dawkins, Norma, and many other mature and deeply experienced people. I can feel the reality of how, by receiving the sun into every cell, by raising our personal vibration to match the sun as best we can, we can ease our transformation process. It is no accident that indigenous people rise in the morning to greet the sun with face uptilted and arms upstretched. And at the setting of the sun, do we notice the symphonies the birds and insects and animals offer up?

About Song of the Sun: "We once believed the sun revolved around the earth. Now, our ecological emergency demands another profound and urgent shift in the way we perceive ourselves as a part of the earth and the cosmos. Song of the Sun is a hybrid of visual poem and documentary, yet more than either. The film engages on all levels—the senses, the mind, the heart and the spirit."