Friday, April 16, 2010

Building Bridges of Light

My friend, Rod, in Heidelberg, Germany, found this passage in an old book. It sounds like it was written last week.

"The character of political government in the affairs of cities and of states has not changed. Its purpose is to deceive the common folk and to fortify and extend the power of the privileged classes. And since power ultimately means economic power, since its one source is possession—possession of land, tools, means of transportation—it follows that, consciously or unconsciously, the whole function and intent of political government is to keep possession and hence power in the hands of those who now hold it. And since this oligarchy controls the press and thus controls both the news and opinion-based on news, it is clear that its self-perpetuation will not be broken—has not been broken in any country—without some final catastrophe."
—Ludwig Lewisohn, 1929, Up Stream, p219

Rod goes on to comment, "Hopefully, to the white oligarchy, Obama is a major catastrophe. Since every species of creature on earth for the most part totally consumes its environment and then moves on searching for new food, humans (who are intent on transformation) are fighting against an earthly survival instinct at its most primal level. Much of the world's population, though, finds it difficult to be violent in the name of serene love; which means we have a buffer to work within. My wish is that the obvious kite-tail, the last of true American 19th century racism, dissolves in shame and old age, but isn't replaced by a new form of juice-invigorating attackism. Unlikely as this wish is, no one could convince me to abandon my hope. And here's why: love is a synonym for eternity; love is a physical energy and its main property is eternality. And, hope is a derivative of love. Wherever there is hope it is because love is being felt. And I feel hope, lots of love-hope, world wide, world round."

Almost in the next email, I heard from my friend Henry, in Tennessee, who says (partly edited by me), "The shifts in energy on the planet right now are different from anything I've experienced. I have had days while driving where I could feel people in other vehicles experiencing deeply troubling levels of fear about their jobs. It was palpable and disturbing in a unique way. It was a clarion call for me to fortify my own space and to not share the doubt and fear that was all around me. Though, being human, this space of uncertainty has been ingrained in us for millennia. It is this ancient pattern that we have all been 'swimming' in, and it is beckoning a change in us in a truly historic way.

The cataloging of events day to day via the talking heads deepens the worry and concern for those who siphon their existence from outside sources. Long term, this pattern moves us toward seeking an inner space that is not tangent to the mundane corridors of all things that turn to dust. It has the potential of leaning us back toward a more balanced space of becoming aware of our 'oneness'. This is going to be a lengthy, ongoing process for many decades. This is not a dire statement at all. I have been seeing 'bridges of light' that extend across and over the tougher days that are ahead. Beneath these bridges lie the old, worn out patterns that do not serve our evolutionary movement toward openness and awareness as a unified species. 

The other image I have had recently is that of seeing every person's mind as a spark of light in a very large 'net of energy.' It resembles the way the individual synapses in our brain are all connected. From this image I intuited that with all the old patterns that are being shared throughout the 'net' it was a difficult task for the larger 'net' to rise to newer levels, given the increased fear we're now experiencing on the planet as a whole. The quantum affect or potential is still very much alive, but the old patterns, for so many, are dominant and demanding. I will build more bridges of light today. . ."

My friends have made some great observations. It is reassuring to fall back on the truth that love is our ground of being, the substance out of which everything arises in this three-dimensional world. And blocked love, or unexperienced love, gives rise to all forms of suffering and pain. And the avoidance of feeling pain gives rise to all forms of control, violence, bullying, and hatred. But fear in all its guises is no match for love and unity, because it is merely a subset of love and eventually WILL be reabsorbed back into the nondifferentiated unified field. Through will power it fights to maintain its illusions, but it is doomed to failure through exhaustion, outmodedness, and inefficiency.

I too have seen Henry's vision of the Net of Energy. In my vision it was called the HeartField, and it connected all the points of light that were human hearts, of both living and nonphysical beings, as well as of the animals and trees and plants and planets. Strike a tone of love in your heart, and the vibration radiates out and into and through ALL hearts. Perhaps there are several "nets" existing simultaneously, like webs of belief focused at different frequencies. It may seem that the fear-net is dragging down the love-net, but they function in parallel realities, and the HeartField cannot be destroyed by something so small and truly ridiculous as the net of fear and belief in negativity. A bridge of light is a pathway at a higher frequency than an old pathway. All we need to do is keep on the higher vibratory path.