Monday, March 29, 2010

Hurting Others with Energy: Part 5

As the frequency of energy in the earth, and in our bodies and personalities, increases, we are becoming ultrasensitive and consciously empathic. We are becoming aware that we can hurt each other in many ways that are much more subtle than the rape, pillage, and murder of yesteryear, and the mental, emotional, and sexual abuse of yesterday. For example, greed causes pain to others: because when we believe we have to hoard, we cannot give love, so intent are we on "getting," and this hurts others. And when we selfishly take opportunities away from others, we never get to experience how they might choose to help us of their own free will, and we deprive them of the opportunity to feel their own generosity. And when we believe we never have enough, that our self worth is based on riches, we often miss the experience of our spiritual roots, of our soul's inherent abundance, and ease of creating any reality it so desires—and this adds to the false idea that the physical world is a place of suffering, and prolongs our collective misery.

Envy causes pain to others: because when we think someone else is better than we are, or when we try to mimic them, we stall the expression of our own unique talents and destiny, which others may need. And simultaneously, when we project too much admiration or resentment onto another talented self-manifesting person, they may telepathically feel there is something wrong with their expressing their talent because of an undercurrent that feels unequal or imbalanced. How many people have kept themselves small because they might eclipse the reality of a parent or partner?

When we allow ourselves to vent in repeating waves of rage, for example, we hurt others: because we are choosing to indulge in our own feelings of frustration, in an arrogantly selfish and infantile way. Our frustrations come from our own beliefs that something outside us has more power than we do, and thus we must moan and groan, or resist and fight. But it is we who set up the definitions and circumstances to deprive ourselves of the right to free self-expression in the first place, we who granted the power to others to tell us who we can or cannot be. We are the ultimate authorities of our own existence! We are the only ones who can entitle ourselves once again to the full self-expression of our soul through our personality. No outside condition or person really has anything to do with it. But we allow ourselves to wound others: Why?

As we enter the Intuition Age, where we have a growing direct experience of the "rules" of how the unified field (or the unified Self) and Spirit operate, we will come to see that the current mental and emotional behaviors we accept as normal are actually prehistoric. We will feel ashamed. We will want to make amends rather than continue to avoid facing the music, because to avoid "atonement," or the recreation of the state of at-one-ment, will be too personally painful. I actually looked up words that try to describe this incredibly important part of the transformation process; maybe one will inspire you:
remorse: deep regret or guilt for a wrong committed
reconciliation, reconcile: cause to coexist in harmony; make or show to be compatible;
feel the implication of actions
day of reckoning;
day of judgment
come to grips with

face the consequences
contrition, deep regret, repentance, penitence, guilt, compunction, remorsefulness, ruefulness, contriteness; pangs of conscience, self-condemnation, self-reproach
 I know people who refuse to apologize for bad behavior, in spite of the fact that they know they've wounded the people they love most—who refuse to admit they might want to change or might need help in doing so, because their ego feels it must maintain control and a superior position to avoid feeling deeply unworthy. Unfortunately, because of this ignorance, they remain isolated and encapsulated in a shell of invulnerability, unable to truly open to the gracious, lucky, and love-filled reality their heart would like to gift them with. And I must admit, I sometimes am angry with them, for depriving me of their true magnificence. But, really, what is so hard about turning a corner?

I believe there soon will come a time when each of us will voluntarily commit to becoming harmless. That means “I will not allow myself to act from a closed heart; I will not demean, abuse, or injure another person, animal, or plant.” No more excuses. No more postponement. The time is now to choose a spiritually-based, compassionate way of being in the world. We stop the cycle of pain by not participating in it. It’s time to really get it that when we hurt another, we hurt ourselves, in so many ways. We will soon feel the hurt, instantly, when we hurt another. This doesn’t mean we don’t stand up for ourselves or say what we need. It doesn’t mean we don’t protect our loved ones from danger, or speak truth to power. Doing no harm does not equate with being wimpy.

When we remain isolated and encapsulated in a world of our own creation, not trusting the Flow, not enjoying what others spontaneously bring out in us, not indulging in the joy of surprise, we freeze a spot in the unified field, we hurt the Flow, and we hurt others who need the Flow to both supply them with inspiration and support, and take their expressions and contributions to others who can use these effluvia.

So I invite you to examine the subtle ways you withhold love, or withhold yourself, or refuse to receive, or judge what comes to you, or demean the life of others or of yourself. These are all ways we hurt others with energy.