Friday, December 7, 2007

Anyone Interested in Remote Viewing?

One of my intuition colleagues, Lyn Buchanan, is a remote viewing expert and trainer. You might enjoy checking out his site and practicing with the "targets" he posts, to see if this is a skill you might like to develop. Here's what he says:

The targets are
pictures prepared for you with full feedback text, some have video and/or audio clips, and those which have specific locations also include dowsing maps for your dowsing practice. All targets also include links to more information, just in case you get something in your viewing which is not covered by the prepared feedback. The targets are selected for suitability for all levels of experience
and/or training.

Instructions on how to use the page are also provided. Once you have finished your session, you can call the page back up and see your feedback in full, and links to more information, if you want it. The targets are there for everyone to use. We do not track your use and do not require any log-in or membership. You can work the targets and only you will know how well or how badly you did. Of course, if you just totally ace the targets, you have full bragging rights to anyone you wish. A new target is posted each week for your convenience. Also, for your convenience, the newest targets are posted to the top of the list, so many people just starting out like to start with the oldest, at the bottom of the list, and work their way up. They are there for you to work in any way or order you like. We now have around 100 targets, with maps, full feedback, and links to more information about each one. The target page is: