Monday, June 18, 2007

10 Ways to Feel Spirit in Your Life — #3

1. Make a list of why you love each of the special people in your family and your family of friends. Also include those who fall into the category of "worthy opponent." If it feels appropriate, give the list to the person.

2. When you wake up, remember why you are glad to be alive. Feel the Presence of Spirit — you can imagine it as the attention of Jesus or Buddha, your guardian angels, or the wisdom and light in the atoms of your body, of the air, of the trees, of the buildings. Everything is NEW!

3. Make more time in your life for music, dancing, children, art, laughter.

4. Do something you're afraid of. Stretch the boundaries of your comfort zone.

5. Learn to use your active imagination for creative visualization.

6. Keep a dream journal and learn to interpret your dreams.

7. Do some kind of conscious movement practice: walking slowly and deliberately, tai chi, yoga, free-form dance — any movement with full attention will do to help merge the mind and body into one kind of knowing.

8. Give a gift anonymously.

9. Concentrate entirely on one small, mundane task; brushing your teeth, washing dishes, changing the oil in your car. Be super-aware of each part of the task.

10. Clean out your closets, bookshelves, garage, attic and give away what you honestly don't relate to or use anymore. Notice what comes along next to occupy the open space.

See March 19 for part 1, April 30 for part 2