Monday, March 19, 2007

10 Ways to Be More Intuitive and Feel More Spirit in Your Life
1. Look for the light inside people and objects, and even in the air and in places. Imagine that you can see beyond the outer form of things into the blueprint of light beneath.

2. Make a personal commitment to stop judging others and yourself. Let people be who they are. Let yourself be who you are.

3. Identify the 'shoulds' that dictate your attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. List the areas where you get emotional about right and wrong and where you feel unwilling about something. Then look at each item and imagine with all your senses what you and your life experience would be like if you tried on the other possible ways to be and act.

4. Be open-minded. When you have a problem to solve, think of at least 3 perfectly viable ways to do it. How might a 5-year-old solve the problem? Or an enlightened master teacher?

5. Make a personal commitment to tell the truth. Don't hide from yourself or others. Say what you mean. Ask for what you need, when you need it. Just as it takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown, it greases the wheels of life when you don't tell lies — or even half-truths.

6. Have passion for your work. If you can't change the form of your work right now, change your attitude about it. Find ways to make whatever you do more interesting to yourself. Pay attention to details. Pretend you are someone else doing your job. Imagine teaching your job to someone else so they'd become really good at it.

7. Make a personal commitment to be entertained by life. Encourage yourself to say words with ah's and oh's in them: AHA! Ha-Ha-Ha! Oh, Wow! Open. Aum. OK. Ahh-So! You can be positively involved with your life experience, no matter how traumatic things seem — if only you want to. It depends what you decide to get value from. Why limit the scope of possibly valuable experiences?

8. In your imagination, send a stream of clear, pale blue light from your heart, way up into the sky, and let it rain down in a loving spray around each person you love.

9. Truly notice what other people are saying to you. Listen to every word. They are the messengers that God, Spirit, and your own Soul are sending to you because you aren't listening to the still small voice in your own center.

10. Practice noticing similarities. How is one thing like something else? This increases your intuition and understanding.