Monday, November 6, 2006

Election Fever
While in Baltimore, I did a research reading on future trends, and what came out was an explanation of how the Democrats would regain power for awhile, but eventually prove to be caught in the same kinds of hypocrisy or lack of morality as the Republicans. That it would eventually be impossible to cast aspersions and blame "the other" as the duality reality collapses. At that time there would arise a sort of third party, or candidates who weren't so affiliated with a party — people like Barack Obama — who understand higher awareness and can translate it into policies that work for all the people, not just the dominant party's "base." I, for one, am tired of seeing our President running around in rolled-up shirtsleeves, not doing the job of President or looking presidential, but acting no better than the TV pundits by making partisan commentary about John Kerry, or Terry Schiavo. And, having that commentary, in the case of Kerry, be full of hypocrisy. This is not a president's job. Anyway, I am trying to remain objective about the overall process of growth of our country and the world. I will edit the trends reading and offer it as a podcast on my site as soon as I can.